My Story:

While volunteering at A Child’s Hope International Inc, I learned about the hardships that thousands of Swaziland children face everyday in order to receive their only bowl of food, water, basic medicines, and basic education. In Swaziland, there are eighty-five care points, to which children must walk for at least three hours, barefoot in the scorching sun. Thus, these children are bruised and infected, to the point that worms sometimes go into their feet.

Accomplishments and Impact:

Sparking Lives has partnered with A Child’s Hope International, an organization which packs food for children in third-world countries. We have sent 400+ shoes to children in Swaziland, India, South Sudan, Haiti, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Honduras, El Salvador, Zambia, Romania, South Africa, Kenya and Guatemala. These shoes have further helped in preventing bruises and infections.