Extreme poverty and natural disasters have led to many children becoming orphans without any proper education, food, or medical care. In many countries such as Swaziland, thousands of children must walk barefoot in the scorching sun for at least three hours every day to the nearest care point where they would receive their only bowl of food and water. In the process, they are often bruised. Furthermore, many often contract other diseases due to a lack of adequate medical support.


Sparking Lives has partnered with A Childs Hope International, an organization which packs food for children in third-world countries. We have been sending medical supplies, especially first aid kits, and distributing these to the needy children through local community volunteers. This medical care prevents diseases and keeps the children healthy.


We have provided 1,000 first aid kits in the past year to countries such as Swaziland, South Sudan, Haiti, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Honduras, El Salvador, Zambia, Romania, South Africa, Kenya and Guatemala. These first aid kits have benefited 12,000 kids overall. These kits contain cleaning wipes, gauze pads and adhesive bandages.

Future Goals:

Our goal is to alleviate the suffering and pain of these children and prevent diseases. Our plan in the near future is to reach out to several other community leaders within and outside the country, distributing more medical aid to disaster struck victims and children who live in extreme poverty and are in need of medical support