Empowering the Blind and Visually Impaired

My Story:

As I was traveling to my ancestral village in Manaparai India, I came across an organization known as Thumai Vizhihal. While I was there, I learned that the founder of the organization is visually impaired himself and thus wanted to help blind and visually impaired children. I was touched when the founder expressed his concerns, stating that “he didn’t even know when he would be forced to leave the place (rented building for the children) due to the high rate of rent.” I also learned that these children go to school along with those who have proper vision, and thus they fall behind easily. While I was there, I also witnessed one of the children using NVDA software, NonVisual Desktop Access, a screen reader which enables people with impaired vision to use computers. I was impressed by his confidence in using this software. These incidents have motivated me to help these children by providing the resources necessary for them to stay on pace with school teachings.


Sparking Lives is providing digital recording devices in order for children to record lessons taught at school. These children are unable to take notes efficiently. Thus, these devices allow for them to review the material after returning from school. Sparking Lives is also supporting the organization by funding materials for printing textbooks fully transcribed in Braille. These textbooks are significant for learning and reviewing the material from school. Furthermore, it is difficult for 30 children to share and study using only a few books

One of the children using NVDA software

Machine used to transcribe books in Braille

Digital Recording Device